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Integrated Collaboration

Going beyond development and designing, we craft compelling and user-oriented content to keep consumers engaged.

Our collaborative approach to mobile and web hinges on a multi-disciplinary team to yield the highest output. The experience design we create bring experts of different fields including visual design, user experience, technology, and content strategy, all working under the leadership of an experienced administrator to champion brand success.

Content Strategy

Disruptive Media’s content strategy opens a new route that is based on emotionally building user-friendly mobile content. Our strategy in content marketing create authoritative content that meets the consumer’s behavior and needs.

User Experience

To produce the best possible user-experience to consumers, our UX strategy uses the best processes and champions the production of excellent content at each stage of the strategy.

Visual Design

Design has eaten into our fabric and every click, keyframe, and comma cannot go unnoticed.  However, our creativity is in visual design is not a standalone process but a collaborative one with each step. Our visual design does not just end with telling stories, but bringing out stories that are thematic, visual, and interactive-to satisfy the specific need of each consumer.

Technology Development

Disruptive Media’s technology team is made up of experts from different fields. No matter the smallness of a project, our team always ensures that sustainable codes and quality technology is developed. Through our highly responsive, JavaScript infrastructural models, and Application UI, we are able to deliver nothing but the best. We have a well-vested server-side technology development experts who are gurus in both open-source and commercial platforms, and such, helps assesses and come up with the right tools for current and future demands of consumers.

Our Approach

Anyone can design a website, however not everyone can build a website well. As experts in branding, UX and functionality, we can ensure that your customers have a great interaction with your brand.

81% of Shoppers Conduct Online Research Before Buying

The Journey

In order to simultaneously meet the needs of each brand, we use an interdisciplinary agile-based process that achieves high-quality, and user—oriented results. This robust platforms helps us construct excellent user experiences fast, assess performance, and make amendments to suit users when needed.

Foundational Design

In order to meet our vision of linking the needs of your business to that of your consumers, Disruptive Media ensures an excellent foundational design team that work hand in hand to solve challenges to your brand’s current and future growth.
This is the stage we do a complete analysis of a brand’s current business model, do a competitive research, and come out with findings around the brand’s ecosystem. These findings give us a head start on how to nip the dangerous business challenges in the bud.
From our analytics, we start the development journey that leads to the creation of model plans, content strategies, and visual design models that will aid in developing the ultimate user-oriented mobile or web experience.


During this stage, insightful research and mappings are undertaken to learn more about the user. The ultimate LOE is assessed from this point, and from then, a roadmap to the development of the best output is carved.

Experience Design Races

This is where we start the journey of mapping the experience of the user and then outlining the entire digital environment of the brand and connecting it to the user’s. Also, we start the development of the visual display of the site, whiles ensuring that concepts, styles, and content, even if are going to be changed, is done in relation to the business and consumer’s needs. And then the whole thing is moved into an HTML/CSS-oriented UI kit.
Our tech team then comes to the drawing table, blending and using the HTML/CSS-oriented kit with wireframes and their dynamism in the field, but build lasting solutions: both user-friendly and server-side ones by integrating user-experience design and code to achieve the best possible results.